At Tonik Fusion, we know we are not perfect, we are on a sustainability journey, one that we are taking with you. We are continually learning and will continue to make positive sustainable changes as we go. This relates to all parts of our business, but in particular, it relates to how we can be Earth-conscious in all our decisions.

Looking after our environment is in our blood and one of our core values. Every product we offer is carefully thought through & scrutinised, from the location our plants are grown, and what they are fed, right down to the packaging we use.

Social Justice

We believe everyone who has interacted with Tonik Fusion in some way is family, from our farmers to the factory workers, to our branding experts to our customers. Each and every one of you is important to us. This is why we ensure the well-being of all our family is looked after from labour & safe working conditions to living arrangements and fair wages.

These well-being practices are at the heart of every one of our extended family members. We personally wouldn't want to support a brand that wasn't doing this, so we offer our customers a product that is environmentally sustainable and socially sustainable as well.

Sustainable Practices

Where and how we source our ingredients is critical, not only for our health but for our environment too. It not only ensures we can continue to grow and reap what we sow, but it considers the impact on the earth when we are finished.

We will only source wild ingredients if they do not destroy future crops or the environment in which they live. We believe wild & organic is best. If wild isn't a sustainable practice, then we seek out semi-wild or wild-cultivated until we find the right balance with Mother Earth.

Eco-friendly Packaging

We partner with experts in this field to broaden our knowledge and accept the challenge to do better. Unlike our youth of today, recycling when we grew up wasn't like it is now. We are learning so much that we are also implementing new sustainable practices at home to contribute further, and it does feel good to do this.

Our Circular Sustainable Design System

We adopt a Circular Sustainable Design system here at Tonik Fusion to review how we impact the environment. First we consider our raw ingredients, where it is sourced from, how it is grown and so on. Then we move onto our design & development considerations around the design and functionality of our packaging and how it will affect the sustainability of our product. And lastly, we consider the end of life stage of our product, that is, what happens when it is no longer needed, and how this impacts our environment.

Tonik Fusions Circular Sustainable Design System


Tin Packaging

Our tins are food-grade with lids that are airtight to ensure the product remains fresh. They are made from metal tin steel and coated with a vanishing oil. The tins and the coating have been externally tested for toxicity, and all tests passed with ND (Not Detected). Our containers are ethically sourced, safe, clean and non-toxic, making it an ideal packaging material for us. They can be collected, displayed or refilled around the home, effectively utilising them beyond their initial purpose. Alternatively, you can recycle our tins by placing them in your kerbside recycling bin, giving them another new lease on life.

Inside our latte blend tins are home-compostable cellophane bags sealed for freshness. Our cellophane bags are NatureFlex™ which is a biodegradable and compostable cellophane film made in Australia from renewable cellulose fibre. It is certified biodegradable by Australian Standards AS 5810, and can be composted at home. These bags have a good moisture barrier for foods and are designed to be snipped open and emptied into the containers directly, then disposed of thoughtfully. Decomposition time is approximately 15 weeks once in the elements.

Pouch Packaging

Our pouches for our single blends are made with MOPP/PET/LLDPE. This means the bags are made from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene and do not have a foil lining making them recyclable. We are mindful that even though these are recyclable, we could improve them in the future and are always keeping an eye on this area, for new developments. The shelf life of our product is 2 years, and with compostable packaging having a 12-month life span, we are unable to move to this style of packaging at the moment.

The Stickers on our pouches are made from 70% recyclable paper & 30% new material, all FSC material. We use vegetable-based inks, no lamination, just matte oil, and this style of printing is all biodegradable, even our spot UV is biodegradable. So we strongly encourage recycling our pouches and stickers.

Mailer Box Packaging

Our branded mailer boxers are made from 80% recycled material & 20% new wood fibre material, all FSC material and biodegradable. They are branded using vegetable-based inks, just like our stickers. Our boxes also come with a sealable strip, so we do not need to use tape to secure your items. You can open them using the pull tab provided and inside the box is another sealable strip for your own use.  Use it to return postal items or seal away treasured possessions.

Alternatively, use the box for storage. Can easily be stored flat for another time, taking up less space. We love to see how you have re-used our boxes at your place. Get creative and share them with us on Instagram @tonikfusion. Giving further life to our mailers rather than ending it, although they are biodegradable and recyclable should you no longer require them.