Meet our Co-Founders - Liz & Nik Schiller

Hi and welcome to the Tonik Fusion tribe!

After suffering many illnesses (adrenal fatigue, autoimmune, and heart disease, to name a few), I (Liz) found success in combining western with eastern Chinese medicine and journeyed myself back to health. Unbeknown to me, until my husband (Nik) pointed it out, I created a different herbal tonik every day for 15 years. Even today, I still make daily toniks (Somewhat obsessed you could say with combining restorative power of plants to support vitality & longevity. I just love it). I also tested dozens of medicinal mushrooms (not to be confused with magic mushrooms) and super herbs on the market and realised the quality varied widely. So Nik suggested I formulate potent toniks with purpose, so others could identify with them and make the process of taking herbs a pleasure rather than a tedious chore. Of course, I loved this idea, and with Nik's business know-how, we began researching and planning.

Together in 2019, we travelled to China searching for quality potent herbs and found supply partners with the same passion for growing high quality organic, & sustainable products.

Later in 2020, we were delighted to find an equally sustainable organic family-run Cacao company based in Ecuador, with the most chocolatey flavoured Cacao powder we have ever tasted. Their farms grow the Nacional Arriba variety of Cacao, representing only 5% of the world's Cacao production. It has it's own unique flavour profile and has to be tasted to be believed. Once you have our Cacao, you will never want any other Cacao!

As a certified Health Coach, and a Mum of 2 teenagers, I have encountered my fair share of fussy tastebuds, and know how important it is to balance quality ingredients with taste and flavour. (Just don't tell them it's healthy!) This quality & taste philosophy was the driving force for us sourcing products worldwide, finding the best of the best. Ensuring the integrity & sustainability of growing and processing conditions of the plants was of also utmost importance. You can read more about our sustainability practices here.

Today, our first tonik blend - Cacao Latte (aka healthy hot chocolate) took over two years to formulate, due to scouring the globe for just the right ingredients. It was heartbreaking at times, but we kept on searching not settling until we found our match. What I love most about our Cacao Lattes is that we take the guess work out. Not only do they taste amazing, but you get centuries of plant wisdom (aka dose of super herbs & mushrooms) in every mouthful. A tonik you can have every day to support you, whatever your health goal.

With vitality at the core of every Tonik, each one is thoughtfully made to support you in today's busy world. If you're feeling flat, run-down or stressed out, these magical blends will offer you a much-needed pick-me-up.

We believe that the earth's medicines are for everyone to enjoy. We are passionate about bringing nature's wisdom into your life in an accessible and pleasurable form.

We look forward to you joining the Tonik Fusion Tribe, creating your restorative ritual at home and living a healthy and radiant life.
Liz Signoff