Frequently Asked Questions

Medicinal Mushrooms

What is a medicinal mushroom?

Medicinal mushrooms are fungi, grown on trees or logs, which have been formulated into extracts or powders and used as respected toniks for centuries by eastern cultures.

What is an adaptogen?

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that have a non-specific action in the body.  When ingested it allows the body to go into a type of auto correct function and allow the body to perform at a more efficient level.

Are medicinal mushrooms, magic mushrooms & will I get high?

Medicinal mushrooms are wonderful and magical, however they are not psychedelic or hallucinogenic.  Medicinal mushrooms or functional mushrooms have been used for centuries in Chinese Traditional Medicine and are grown on trees or logs and not the ground like culinary mushrooms.

What is dual-extract?

To extract the wonderful compounds from these mushrooms, a solvent needs to be use like water or alcohol.  We use both of these methods to ensure we extract all the important components because some compounds are water soluble and some are alcohol soluble. So a dual-extraction method is the most powerful to maximum the amount of benefit from the mushrooms.

What is an extract powder vs powder?

Here at Tonik Fusion we use Extract Powders where the key compound has been extracted from fruiting bodies of the plant. Powders are different from Extract powders, where powders are formulated by drying out the whole plant, and then ground into a powder.  Extracts are the most well-regarded toniks given how nutrient dense they are.

What part of the mushroom is used in your extracts?

To obtain all the good nutrients, the fruiting body of the mushroom, aka the mushroom itself should be use to create an extract.  Mycelium are like the roots of the mushroom and do not have as much of the nutrients as the fruiting body.  We use fruiting body extract to create our mushroom extract powders because they are rich in beta-glucans and restorative compounds.

How much should I take?

If using medicinal mushrooms aka one of our single blends, start with ¼-1/2 tsp, and build up if you feel you need to 1 heaped tsp. 

Our Tonik Blends, such as our Cacao Latte already have the perfect amount measured out for you, so just go ahead and use 2 tsp of Cacao Latte in every cup.

When will I notice a difference?

This can be very individual, we recommend taking the herbs for a 4-6 weeks then see how you are feeling.  Some will start to see and feel its benefits in a couple of weeks, others may take longer. It is important to note that consistency is key in the beginning, so that they build up in your system overtime. After a while you may notice that you only need to top up with them every couple of days, and have them in the your diet on a regular basis rather than an everyday routine. This is of course very personal and will depend on how your body feels.

Will heat affect my medicinal mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms can be used in hot or cold food, so get creative and add them to your favourite recipes.

Where are your medicinal mushrooms sourced from?

Our mushrooms are grown in China & Russia where they are exposed to extreme temperatures & where they originate from.  The extreme temperatures are one of the reasons these mushrooms have such great adaptogenic qualities.  If we were to grow them here in Australia for example, they just wouldn’t have the same growing conditions and therefore the quality of the compounds will differ.

Can I consume medicinal mushrooms whilst pregnant & breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, there has not been enough studies conducted in this area & for this very reason, we suggest you talk to your doctor about incorporating these herbs into your diet.

Integrity of Ingredients

Why are you not certified organic?

100% of our ingredients are organic, and come with either Eco Cert, USDA Organic, NASAA Organic standard, ACO or Control Union certificates.  We are currently working with NASAA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) to obtain our NCO (NASAA Certified Organic) organic certification as a company, however, there is a lot of paperwork and audits and inspections which this takes time.  As soon as our certification is approved we will update our website.

Why do you import your ingredients?

We believe the best quality ingredients are sourced from the country they originate from, which is why we source our products globally.

Do you test for heavy metals, E-Coli etc?

Our ingredients are analysed & independently tested, and come with Certificates of Analysis.  We personally take these herbs daily, and share them proudly.  It is why we worked with Australian Biosecurity & our Chinese Partners to obtain an import permit so that our mushrooms would not be treated (either heat treated or irrigated) on entry into Australia.  This is to protect the quality of the nutrients and uphold the organic certification process.


How do I store my Toniks?

Store them in a cool, dry place and ensure the lid or pouch seal is completed sealed.

I found some ingredients in my Tonik that doesn't dissolve, is this normal?

Yes, we source organic super herb powders from a high-quality source for their beautiful aroma and flavour. Therefore some of our herbs like Cardamon & Schizandra Berry are not overly refined powders.  So do not fret, this is part of our herbal toniks that makes the experience of drinking them so flavoursome & helps maintains the nutrients in the herbs.  

Sometimes the lid on my Cacao Latte is a little hard to pull off, is there a trick?

Our tins are airtight to ensure your latte powder remains fresh use after use.  This may happen due to the powder getting up under the rim where the lid meets the container.  There are some things you can do to help.  First, wipe inside the tin's perimeter, and the cap with a clean, dry cloth or napkin, to loosen the lid up.  We also suggest opening your Cacao Latte with a twist and pull motion, rather than just pulling the cap off.  This makes opening the container way easier.

What's the bag inside my Cacao latte tin for, and do I leave it in the container?

We package our Cacao latte powder in 100% home compostable cellophane bags to retain their freshness and for assurance that your product has not been opened before you receive it.  Please snip open the bag at one corner and empty the contents directly into its' container.  Our tins are food-grade, and the lid is air-tight.  You will also notice an absorbent sachet inside your powder, to absorb any excess moisture and keep your latte powder fresh.


What is Cacao, isn't that Cocoa spelt incorrectly?

Cacao and Cocoa both come from the same cocoa tree. The difference is how the cacao pods are processed. Cacao is processed at low heat to retain the nutrient profile of the plant.  Cocoa is treated at higher temperatures to remove the bitterness, and in doing so, also reduces antioxidants and some minerals, as the higher heat kills off valuable nutrients. 

What is a Cacao Latte?

Cacao Latte is just trendy words to describe a healthier version of a hot chocolate.  It gives you confidence that the hot chocolate you are having (aka Cacao Latte) contains more minerals and nutrients than your regular sugar-laden hot chocolate (aka Cocoa).

What so special about your Cacao Latte?

Here at Tonik Fusion, we use organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. Our Cacao comes from the Arriba Nacional variety of Cacao and has a very Chocolatey and complex flavour to satisfy the biggest Chocoholics among us.  Each Cacao Latte has a unique blend of medicinal mushrooms (not magic ones) and super herbs designed to support our body to feel its best. Our Cacao lattes all have a different flavour, as we have chosen spices to match and tailor each blend to its name.

What variety of Cacao plant does your Cacao powder come from?

Our Cacao comes from the Arriba Nacional variety of Cacao.  This variety accounts for only 5% of the Cacao production globally. We have partnered up with an Ecuadorian Supplier who is organic and who farms using sustainable principles.  Once you taste our Cacao, you will understand why we love this variety so much.